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I’m guesting on another blog, guys!


Click on the image to visit Danielle’s site and read The Final Lesson, or click on one of the links below.

The lovely, talented Danielle Tauscher asked me to write a story for her, and so i did, when i managed to find the time to do so.

It’s a 500 word piece of flash fiction written in 2nd person point of view, as per her challenge. It’s called The Final Lesson, and you can find it both on her blog at and here on my blog too, but i do urge you to go and visit Danielle’s site, because there’s some great stories on there, and while you’re at it, why not take up some of Danielle’s challenges and write something of your own. I’m sure she’d love to see your efforts and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to be selected to guest on her site, as i have.

Thank you, Danielle! It was a pleasure to write for you.

Josh Hewitt Made Me Do It!…


…well, he inspired me to write Bad Luck, to be correct.

For those poor unfortunate souls who have not read or do not follow Josh Hewitt on Twitter or on his most excellent blog A Beginning, An End and All That Lies Between, you’re missing out, let me tell you!

At the moment, Josh has an amazing project going on at his blog called #WorldsEnd. This is how it came about:

“Tomorrow, we find out that a giant planet (bigger than Jupiter) is headed towards Earth.  It will arrive in twenty years.  We can’t stop it, we can’t do anything about it.  In 20 years, the world will end.

“Your story will take place 18 years after this announcement.  What is life like?  How do people interact?  Do they still have jobs?  Do kids still go to school?  Has new religions sprouted up?  Has contingency plans?  Tell me your story–what do you think happens in this world.”

This was the task Josh set for some of his writer friends, the only constraint they had was that they could not save the Earth. You simply must visit his blog and read the stories there. They’re so diverse, and the quality is superb (apart from the odd typo, which i have noticed).

Reading these stories inspired me to write a little something this morning, but as i am not part of the project, i thought i would share my story with you here, and hopefully some of you who have been reading the #WorldsEnd stories will read and appreciate this one too. So, without further ado, i present to you all my homage to the #WorldsEnd project, to the wonderful Josh Hewitt and to all of the writers that have taken the time to create some fantastic stories for us all to read. Enjoy! Bad Luck (A #WorldsEnd story).

Sumtin’ Ta Keep Ya Sweet!


Here’s a story for your delectation. It’s called Darke Times, and it’s a little something that i wrote a few weeks ago and was holding back, but i’ve decided to let the world see Calvin Darke, Rastafarian pixie in all his glory. You’ll love him, i’m sure. All who have had the homour of reading this short story have just loved it, and i hope that you all will too, so get comfortable, roll yourself a huge spliff and laugh your socks off at Calvin, because what he gets up to in this tale you just won’t believe! I loved writing this, so don’t think you’ve seen the last of Calvin Darke!

Everything You Do Is Research!

Do your research

It’s been a crazy week of writing and then not writing; a real mixed bag of things have been happening here, but even if you’re not sitting diligently at your desk or wherever it is that you write, it doesn’t mean that you’re not working–if you’re doing something that relates directly to your writing, that is.

If you’re surfing the web, don’t just sit there playing games; use the time to do some background research, whether it be on a current work in progress or a future project. If, however your work in progress happens to involve online gameplaying, you’ve got it made!

If you’re reading a book, then it’s bound to be about something that interests you and is therefore a valuable source of information to help you in your writing. The more you read, the better your writing will become.

Movies and TV are another essential tool to the writer; they impart information that you did not have before you started viewing. For instance, just think about how much you have learned about forensic science simply by watching shows such as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Not much use if your work in progress is a high fantasy epic, i know, but i think you get the point.

Whatever we do when we are not writing, we are still learning and remembering pieces of information that sooner or later will be of use to us. We just don’t know it at the time! I’ve spent lots of time pushing a shopping cart around the supermarket while thinking of possible names for characters and plotlines. My mind is always on the go, but to onlookers, i’m probably just “vegging out” as i perform what lots of people consider to be a boring task.

Admittedly, there are times when i do genuinely “veg out” and i can’t think of a single thing to say or to write, but those times are getting fewer the more that i read and write, and i’m going to make the effort to do more, because the ideas just keep on coming, and i don’t like to disappoint my readers! Or myself!


Bartender, Keep ’em Coming! New Story!


It’s been a while, i know, what with the madness that was Easter Bunny’s Apocalypse, but now that the flying fur has settled, here for your enjoyment is a story that i wrote just for you, my followers. It involves alcohol, and it’s called Bartender, Keep ’em Coming! And if you like it, or even if you dislike it, leave me a comment and let me know. I would appreciate it greatly!

Oh, and while i’m here i may as well tell you that i received my first rejection today, with regard to a short story i submitted. They praised my talent and writing style and said they enjoyed the story, but it was not what they were looking for. I found out later via a good friend and amazing author M. C. O’Neill that they were asking for a specific theme for their fantasy anthology, something i had not spotted, and neither had he, so i’m in good company!

I have another chance at being successfully chosen for this anthology, so i shall put on my thinking cap and this time come up with a story that has relevance to their needs!

And i have been invited back to submit for further anthologies, so that says something for me!

The cup’s half full, guys, not half empty!

The White House Comes Under Attack In Easter Bunny’s Apocalypse chapter 14

The bunnies attack.

The bunnies attack.

The bunnies are storming The White House in Easter Bunny’s Apocalypse chapter 14, brought to you all by the multi-talented Colleen M. Albert. You can read it at

Colleen M. Albert

Colleen M. Albert, Author, Editor and fan of the method school of writing.

C.M. Albert is a stay at home mom and YA urban fantasy writer who secretly loves when her kids are in school so she can work on her novel, the first book in her Guardian trilogy, without guilt. Before leaving corporate America to follow her dreams of motherhood and a better work-life balance, Colleen worked for almost thirteen years as a Communications Manager for a Fortune 500 company, for the City of Charlotte as a Public Relations & Communications Manager, and as owner and chief editing nerd at The Grammar Babe (offering freelance editing services to authors and other businesses as time permits). She’s a closet Ruzzle addict and finds it no coincidence that she was born on All Saints’ Day.

Colleen has a blog, her Grammar Babe business website, and is active on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

Tomorrow we feature the author of Easter Bunny’s Apocalypse chapter 15, Rosalind Smith-Nazilli.

A Great Day!

Read a new author! They'll thank you for it!

Read a new author! They’ll thank you for it!

Yesterday, i read a Tweet from the fantastic author, James Roy Daley, founder and owner of BOOKS of the DEAD PRESS, advertising the fact that they were open for submissions of pieces of flash fiction no more than 400 words in length.

Recognising the fact that unpublished writers like myself have only a very small reading audience and few fans, and that we write for nothing, he has taken the decision to showcase unknown writers who are of a decent standard, thereby giving them the benefit of increased readership, as his site has had over 1,000 visitors in the last 2 days alone! What a marvellous guy! It’s great for someone such as myself to find someone who sees how hard it can be to make a name for yourself, and for that person to stand up and say, “Hey. I’ll give you a helping hand.”

A good friend and co-writer of Easter Bunny’s Apocalypse, Sandra Hould had been successful in her submission, and was featured on BOOKS of the DEAD PRESS yesterday. You can read Sandra’s story, The “V” Syndrome Vaccine here. I edited her work before submission, and as soon as i found out that her piece had been accepted, i decided to write a piece of my own and try my luck.

The tale i wrote began as a conversation between my brother and i yesterday morning, about his having to cancel a dental appointment. Something that he said made me laugh and triggered my “story switch”, so i filed it away in memory to use in a story later that day. I played around with it, altering things here and there, and i could visualize it in my head as if i was watching a movie, and it may have only been 396 words in length, but it took me until this morning, working non-stop during the night to get it “right”. I din’t get to bed until around 5.30am!

I was happy with what i had written. James had asked for our best work, and i delivered just that, and now there was nothing to do but play the waiting game, with everything crossed! Earlier this afternoon, i received an e-mail from James Roy Daley, informing me that my submission had been succesful! Attached to the e-mail was a minimally edited copy of my story. James wanted to know if his edits were acceptable, and i was to let him know whether or not to go ahead and publish. The story is better for the small edits; of that i have no doubt. Any writer who thinks that his or her story will be published without being editing is delusional. I’ve a message for you: you’re not perfect!

Within minutes of my reply, my story was emblazoned on the screen of my laptop. It felt great to have a little recognition, no matter how small. And how James Roy Daley described my writing! He said i reminded him of…

To find out who i reminded him of, you’ll just have to go and read my story, The Teeth Police. Read it on BOOKS of the DEAD PRESS, or on my blog, here. Wherever you choose to read it, please feel free to drop by my blog and leave a comment. After all, it’s the surest way that writers like me know that we are being read and enjoyed!


And Now It’s My Turn!…Easter Bunny’s Apocalypse Update.

Photo by bellasofran

Photo by bellasofran

Yesterday saw the launch of the Easter Bunny’s Apocalypse flash fiction collaboration between 20 writers and authors, one of which is myself! You can read each chapter and follow the story every day at, the blog of the wonderfully talented writer, Ksenia Anske.

The marvellous opening chapter by Becky Flade gave me a firm foundation to build on. As soon as i read what Becky had written, i knew then exactly what i would write, which was great! There’s nothing worse than reading something and then agonising over what you hope will enhance the story and give greater credibility to what has been written before! I think we both must have had our military heads on that day!

Having read the first 10 chapters, i am just blown away with how each writer has slotted their chapter into the story. It’s getting darker, and it’s remarkably funny at the same time! Admittedly, there have been tiny editorial issues, which is always bound to happen, but these have been discussed and resolved by the writing team via the magic of the worldwide web, with the wonderful grammar babe Colleen M. Albert acting not only as a contributing writer (she is writer number 15), but also as editor!

You want to know a little about me? Okay, here goes:

Writer and blogger David Eccles, hard at work!

Writer and blogger David Eccles, hard at work!

Born the product of a union between an exiled wood nymph and a wild haggis hunter, i grew up in the waste paper basket of H.G. Wells, where i gorged myself on his literary cast-offs, reaching manhood in just a matter of a few weeks. A wonderful time was had, and i would wend my way through the darkened streets of the city, the mischevious grin on my bearded little face illuminated by the Victorian gaslamps as i sneaked inside every opium den i could find, whipping out my Sharpie to draw cocks on the foreheads of the unsuspecting and the unconscious!

I aspired to being a mountaineer, and reached the summit of Everest at age 2 months! It was all downhill after that! Until now!

All joking aside, i would love you all to both read and enjoy the whole of the saga that is the Easter Bunny’s Apocalypse, and to show your support to all 20 of its writers.

Tomorrow, chapter 3 will be available for you to read at, delivered to you by the wonderful literary talents of Brandon Yusuf Toropov, who will be featured here. Until then, why not check out his blog!

You can follow me on Twitter and also add me as a friend on Goodreads and Facebook.



Easter Bunny’s Apocalypse Begins Today! It’s Official!

Today sees what could possibly be the beginning of the end of the world, as Easter Bunny’s Apocalypse, the collaborative flash fiction story by 20(!) authors and writers, including myself, begins later today at, the website of talented writer Ksenia Anske.

The writer who kicks off our episodic flash fiction story is romance, paranormal and suspense author, Becky Flade.

Becky Flade: Author and opening writer of Easter Bunny's Apocalypse. Photo by Becky Flade.

Becky Flade: Mother, Author and opening writer of Easter Bunny’s Apocalypse. Photo by Becky Flade.

Becky sets the scene wonderfully, and without giving anything away, i’ll just say that she made it easy for me to write my chapter and build upon what she had written.

To find out more about Becky and the books she has authored, visit her blog, follow her on Twitter, find her on Facebook and also on

Tomorrow’s blog will feature the writer of chapter 2: David Eccles. That’s me!

Until then, enjoy a few minutes of excellent reading. Please take the time to go and visit and do it again and again every day, reading each new chapter as it is released for your enjoyment, watching the story unfold until March 31st when it concludes.

Easter Bunny’s Apocalypse…Update.

Writer and blogger, David Eccles.

Writer and blogger, David Eccles.

Friday 8th of March 2013 saw the beginning of a new flash fiction writing collaboration that will give birth to, nurture and raise to adult bunnyhood the phenomenon that will go down in literary history and be known as the Easter Bunny Apocalypse.

Previous flash fiction collaborations involved fewer writers: Ferrets had a team of 6 writers, and Bloody Santa vs. Zombie Siren had 10, but bigger, bolder and bloodier than its 2 older, smaller siblings, this, the 3rd collaboration by a team of 20 fantastic writers and also published authors makes its debut in episodic format on the website of talented writer Ksenia Anske, with the first chapter being made available to read on Tuesday 12th of March. Each writer has an allotted 500 words, but a discretionary total of up to 600 words is allowed, and they are given free rein to let their imagination go wild so that they can deliver to you, the reader, a truly epic tale.

Each day, a new chapter will be publshed, with the finale to the whole apocalyptic affair going live on Sunday 31st of March.

At time of writing, the first 4 chapters have been written and delivered to all members of the team. We get to read each chapter as soon as it is finished, and i must say, i have enjoyed reading every single one! Chapter 2, incidentally, was written by my good self!

The members of the writing team, in order of writing are:

1. Becky Flade; 2. David Eccles; 3. Brandon Yusuf Toropov; 4. Seth Werkheiser; 5. Andrew Hovenden; 6. Sandra Hould; 7. Doug Karlson; 8. Dustin McKenzie; 9. Michel Lee King; 10. Aliaa El-Nashar; 11. Sheila Hall; 12. Kai Kiriyama; 13. JLuis Licea; 14. Colleen M. Albert; 15. Rosalind Nazilli; 16. Lori Lesko; 17. Barry NoVa; 18. Catherine Scully; 19. M.C. Oneill; 20. Franza Dirnberger. 

In order to promote awareness, any mention of the project on Twitter will be accompanied by a #bunnyapocalypse hashtag, and a few, though not all of the writing team have replaced their normal Twitter avatar with one of themselves sporting a pair of bunny ears. So, if you see someone with bunny ears in your Twitter feed, there’s a very distinct possibility that it’s one of the writing team!