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Peter Gives Detailed Information In Easter Bunny’s Apocalypse chapter 12

Peter recollects the horror of his imprisonment

Peter recollects the horror of his imprisonment

Peter recounts his torture and imprisonment and gives details of the reason for the war against the humans in Easter Bunny’s Apocalypse chapter 12, written by the lovely and very talented Kai Kiriyama. You can read it at

Kai Kiriyama

Author, Kai Kiriyama.
Photo by Kai Kiriyama.

Kai, a native of Canada, is the author of Blaze Tuesday and the Case of the Knight Surgeon, a mystery and suspense novel featuring Blaze Tuesday – a retired cop turned private eye, available here.

Kai mainly concentrates on writing novels, short stories and screenplays. “I don’t do poetry” she says. She is a monthly contributor to Zombie Training Magazine and she writes about film, TV, and video games.

In her own words, Kai say of herself:

Kai Kiriyama is a time-traveling, demon-hunter most of the time and an over-caffeinated writer the rest of the time. She writes a little bit of everything and swears that there’s not enough hours in the day, even with time-travel! You can usually find her drinking coffee and sneaking comics when she’s supposed to be writing.

Kai has a blog, a Facebook author page, and she is also active on Twitter and Google+. She also has a Youtube channel.

Tomorrow, we feature the author of Easter Bunny’s Apocalypse chapter 13, JLuis Licea.

Delegates From The Peeps King Deliver A Message In Easter Bunny’s Apocalypse chapter 11

Easter's troops in readiness

Easter’s troops in readiness

In today’s chapter of Easter Bunny’s Apocalypse, the Peeps King sends a delegation to deliver a message to Easter Bunny and his war council.

Chapter 11 is brought to you by the talented fingers of Sheila Hall, who normally writes in another genre entirely! 18+ readers only, but she shows her versatility in this piece, which you can read at

I’m afraid i don’t have a photograph of Sheila, as she wishes to preserve her anonymity, being a writer of erotic fiction, and let me tell you, her material is steamy, so instead, i have included a pic from Sheila‘s blog to brighten up your day! Ladies included, of course! This pic is not just for the guys!

Sheila Hall blog pic

A photo representative of Sheila’s writing. This is NOT a photo of Sheila herself! I’m sure she’s far more beautiful!

Sheila is an up and coming author who writes the stories she longs to read herself.  She knows how to work hard and applies that same intensity in her “play” as well.  While erotica is her main passion, Sheila has been known to pen in several other genres and styles from fantasy to poetry.

Sheila is active on Twitter, she has a blog, and you can visit her website at  which goes live in a little over 9 days time.

Tomorrow’s featured writer is Kai Kiriyama, author of Easter Bunny’s Apocalypse chapter 12.

Some Late Night Reading Material

To write, you must read!

To write, you must read!

I just finished a story that i hope you’ll like. It’s not too long, at just a little over 1,100 words. It’s something i called Eyes, and you can read it here. Any feedback by way of a comment would be greatly appreciated and gratefully received.

Easter Bunny’s Apocalypse Latest News…Writer Membership Changes

Bunny Soldier. Photo by DaniSF.

Bunny Soldier.
Photo by DaniSF.

Owing to unforseen circumstances, 2 writers of the Easter Bunny’s Apocalypse collaborative flash fiction story have had to remove themselves from the project, thereby making way for fresh faces to showcase their talent. Their reasons for withdrawing are understandable, and it is hoped by all of the remaining writers that they will return to write with the Apocalypse Collective on future projects.

The two new writers who take the places of Danielle Tauscher and Corey Seeley are Barry NoVa and Catherine Scully. A revised running order is shown below.

The members of the writing team, in order of writing are:

1. Becky Flade; 2. David Eccles; 3. Brandon Yusuf Toropov; 4. Seth Werkheiser; 5. Andrew Hovenden; 6. Sandra Hould; 7. Doug Karlson; 8. Dustin McKenzie; 9. Michel Lee King; 10. Aliaa El-Nashar; 11. Sheila Hall; 12. Kai Kiriyama; 13. JLuis Licea; 14. Colleen M. Albert; 15. Rosalind Nazilli; 16. Lori Lesko; 17. Barry NoVa; 18. Catherine Scully; 19. M.C. Oneill; 20. Franza Dirnberger.

Unexpected Events In Easter Bunny’sApocalypse chapter 10

Easter eggs

There is a surprise or two in store for you all in today’s chapter of Easter Bunny’s Apocalypse. Beyond that, i’ll say no more. You’ll just have to go and read it over at Ksenia Anske’s website. Chapter 10 is brought to you by a fantastic young author, Aliaa El-Nashar.

Author , Aliaa El-Nashar

Author , Aliaa El-Nashar.
Photo by the author.

In her own words, Aliaa says of herself:

My name is Aliaa El- Nashar. I am a 20 year old Egyptian girl living in Cairo. I am currently majoring in Italian at university after having fallen in love with languages at such a young age. My life revolves around reading, writing and drawing. I occasionally collect postcards and teach Arabic to whoever would like to learn it. I own an adorable cat and share an apartment with my sister in the city. I am prone to rash and spontaneous decisions. I’ve just gotten published last year and hope to publish more work in the future. Oh, and I am in love with the Sphinx.

I am incapable of functioning without coffee, procrastination is a life philosophy I usually go by and for entertainment I just need a pencil and paper, whether to draw or write something. I also can’t stop reading. – NOT SURE ABOUT PARTICIPATING???

Aliaa is active on Twitter and Facebook and also has her own blog.

Tomorrow, we feature the author of Easter Bunny’s Apocalypse Chapter 11, the fantastic Sheila Hall.

Antipodean Antics In Easter Bunny’s Apocalypse chapter 9

Aussie surfer bunnies

Photo by Aussie

In today’s chapter of Easter Bunny’s Apocalypse, we finally get to meet Aussie outbacker Brucey Donnegan, who is a character in every sense of the word! He is just wonderful to read about, and Michel Lee King, today’s featured author must have had great fun when writing about him! Read it on Ksenia Anske’s website.

Author, Michel Lee King. Photo by Tami Vandegrift of Gamergirl Photograpy.

Author, Michel Lee King.
Photo by Tami Vandegrift of Gamergirl Photograpy.

Michel spends her time drinking copious amounts of coffee while writing dark and light fiction and pretending not to be a raging introvert. She also enjoys motorcycle camping, kayaking, beer that tastes like beer, and red and white wine.

I blend life’s light and darkness into fiction. My first novel, Road Of Thorns, is releasing later this month. For more information, please click on the image below.

Road of Thorns cover

Road of Thorns cover

Michel is active on Twitter, and on Facebook. She is also active on Google+, but as the name she writes under is a pen name, i will not be publishing details of her Google+ account, which bears her true name.

Tomorrow, we reach the halfway point of Easter Bunny’s Apocalypse, and chapter 10 is written by the wonderful Aliaa El-Nashar.

I Believe in the Easter Bunny

I Believe in the Easter Bunny