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My Review of Fated Souls, by Becky Flade

Fated SoulsFated Souls by Becky Flade

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I received an advanced reader copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

From beginning to end, Becky Flade’s writing style just makes the reader want to just keep on reading!
I read Fated Souls in a single sitting, and was instantly drawn in by the storyline. I found myself instantly liking the main characters Maggie, Gealach (whose name you don’t find out until halfway through the book!) and Aidan, Gealach’s human alter.
Fated Souls is like chocolate for the soul, instantly gratifying, and it really was a shame to finish it, purely for the fact that i wanted the story to continue!
But, if you’re looking for raunchy, descriptive sex, you won’t find it here, because it’s not needed. The main characters’ initial coupling is dealt with very tastefully, albeit in only a couple of sentences. Fated Souls deals more with the emotional side of love, rather than the physicality of love, though Maggie and Aidan do enjoy each other quite often, as you will find out upon reading!
A paranormal tale with a love story at its core, you’ll just love reading the backstories of both Maggie and Aidan; you will smile with them, and you will shed a tear with them too, because it’s not all wine and roses, i promise you!
Recommended reading!

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Wow! This feels so strange!

Reading books

Not having to get up early to produce a blog entry for the Easter Bunny’s Apocalypse this morning feels unusual, to say the least, but i’m thankful to have some free time to enjoy some early morning viewing, and i managed to take in this week’s episode of Grimm and then watch the season finale of The Walking Dead, which was strangely satisfying, but not surprising. Roll on Season 4, i say!

It’s April 1st, also known as All Fools’ Day, or April Fools’ Day, but you won’t be getting any jokes from me. I still have to write, and to read too; it’s the only way i’ll become a better writer! But first – coffee!

Carpe Diem, my friends! By the balls, if necessary!