You Probably Weren’t, But in Case You Were Wondering…

…The words that appear in the image that makes up the header on this blog are all taken from the first paragraph of H.G. Wells’ The War of the Worlds. I pasted the text into Wordle, then made a screen capture before pasting the image into GIMP (for Gnu/Linux) (GIMP for Windows can be found here) and cropping then saving the resulting image.

2 thoughts on “You Probably Weren’t, But in Case You Were Wondering…

  1. James L'Etoile

    You caught me. I did wonder what the image represented. I thought it might be some new Brit word roulette game, or something a Tourette’s afflicted writer says. War of the Worlds was one of the first novels I remember reading as a kid. What a great way to make art from art.

    1. David Eccles (@Vikingbeard)

      The War of the Worlds was one of my first memorable reads too, James. I just figured that i would try to make my own header, rather than choose a ready-made one from the web, and it suddenly dawned on me to have aheader made from words! After all, both writing and reading are all about words. It took me a while to decide which book to use. I wanted a book that didn’t have a person’s name in the first paragraph, because Wordle makes people’s names more prominent than all of the other words. I eventually settles on The War of the Worlds. Thank you again for the wonderful comment. You’re very supportive of me and i greatly appreciate it. 🙂


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