Hello, world! Better late than never!

I recently came to realise that i signed up for this blog account on November 19th 2010, but since that day, i have not done a single thing with it!

Multiple distractions and personal family issues prevented me from using this wonderful platform to show just what goes on in my head, so now that i have finally begun to write and have resumed my greatest hobby, reading books, i think it’s about time that i shared a few things with you, the reader (hopefully there will be more than just one of you).

Hopefully, there will be something in my stories that will touch a nerve or induce a smile or a laugh, or even bring a tear to your eye. Whatever the response, please feel free to let me know what you think; how you feel both during and after you’ve read my stories.

My first short tale is approximately 90% completed, so i hope to have it finished very shortly, and i hope that you will enjoy reading it.

In parallel with my short stories, i am attempting to write my first novel, but it is a long way from completion, so don’t hold your breath on that one! You’ll be holding it for quite some time!

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