Little Deaths Cracks Amazon’s Top 100…and more! | John F.D. Taff, Horror Author

Little Deaths Cracks Amazon’s Top 100…and more!

By John F.D. Taff

So all three of you who actually follow this blog know the story so far. My awesome publisher, Books of the Dead Press (Toronto) has spent the last few weeks really pushing their great line of books in an effort to get each of them to #1 at Amazon. Each week, it selects a book to push, then gets behind it in a big way. Each of the books so far promoted has made it to #1 at Amazon in the Occult Horror section.

My book, Little Deaths, went up this past Sunday and the results have been staggering. I made it to #2 in the Short Stories and Single Author Short Stories categories, and made it all the way to #2 in the Horror category. I also managed to get to #4 in Amazon’s Horror Authors Ranking (Just under Stephen King and Dean Koontz), and I cracked the Top 100 Paid for Kindle.

Here’s what Roy over at Books of the Dead had to say:

“Books of the Dead had a 99¢ sale for Tim Lebbon‘s novel: Berserk. — The title hit #1.

After that we had 99¢ sale for Gary Brandner’s The Howling Trilogy. — The title hit #1.

We followed that up with a 99¢ sale for Best New Zombie Tales Volume One. — The title hit #1.

Now we’re having a 99¢ Sale for John Taff’s Little Deaths. In an unexpected twist, the title did NOT hit #1 in the Horror / Occult section on Amazon (it wasn’t in that section); it hit #2 in Horror Literature & Fiction, selling more copies than the other three titles, and cracking the TOP 100 on Amazon. We moved roughly 1,000 units within 12 hours.


Unbelievable is right. Awesome is also right. Thanks so much to everyone who helped. But we’re not finished yet. There are still three days left in my promotional cycle…and one fantastic announcement to make yet. So please post this to Facebook, Tweet it, blog it, pass it along.

Get your copy of Little Deaths.

And get ready. There’s a lot more where that came from.

I’ve just begun to creep you out.

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