It’s shameful that I haven’t blogged lately, I know, but…

The shame!


…I’ll make it up to you all. Things got a little complicated on the home front for a while, and I haven’t really had time to blog or even to write until just recently.

The first traumatic incident was that I turned 50 on the 26th of June. No, i’m joking, of course! Becoming half a century old was just another normal birthday to me. I don’t feel any different from year to year, apart from an increase in the usual joint aches and pains, but that is to be expected.

I didn’t have a party, though my brother did buy me a cake (which remained untouched until my daughter’s 30th birthday exactly a week later, where it was duly demolished by myself, the grand-kids and all at her party). Instead, I sat in my bedroom eating a Chinese take-away that my brother also bought for me and watched Battlestar Galactica on Netflix. I was surprised that nobody came round to have a drink with me to celebrate, though!

To tell you the truth, i’ve not really celebrated my birthday in the manner one would expect since my mother died 23 years ago. She had a stroke on my brother’s 21st birthday, she died 2 days later, and we buried her on my birthday, a week before her 51st birthday, which she shares with my daughter, by the way.

The actual traumatic event was that my father died on the 28th of June, 2 days after my 50th birthday, so both of my parents died 2 days after one of their sons’ birthdays.

Needless to say, I didn’t get any writing done at all during this period.

I really wanted my father to be here when I published my first book, but it was not to be. More on the book front in my next blog, which will follow very shortly. I’m knocking out a few of them today, to give you all something to read, because I feel that i’ve been ignoring you all, though in reality, I haven’t.

I thank all of you who read my blog. I appreciate every single like and comment. Especially your comments!

6 thoughts on “It’s shameful that I haven’t blogged lately, I know, but…

  1. Lori Lesko

    Glad you’re back writing Dave, that is quite a lot to deal with in one month. Be strong and know we’re all pulling for you. Your Dad would be proud of what you’ve accomplished!



    1. David EcclesDavid Eccles Post author

      Awww, thanks, Lori! Yes, i’m back to normal now. It was not unexpected about my dad, and we had all really prepared ourselves for it, so at least he’s not suffering now. I’m really happy about the book and ready to write more. It’s great seeing my name on my own author pages on both Amazon and Goodreads. I’m also on Smashwords too, but i haven’t advertised the fact yet, lol. I’m charging for the book on Amazon, because i have to. I’m not part of KDP Select and don’t want to give Amazon sole rights for the first 90 days. I’m pending review for inclusion to the Smashwords Premium Catalog, and the book will always be free there, but Shhhh! Let’s see if i can make a little money from sales on Amazon first, lol. I don’t have a job now that my dad has died, as i was his main carer. I need a job now, and money!

  2. James L'Etoile

    Dave, I’m so very sorry to hear about your loss. I’ve never been one to celebrate birthdays either, but when a loss falls near a holiday or another milestone date, it makes for an especially difficult time. I know your Dad would be proud of not only your book, but of the man you are.

  3. David EcclesDavid Eccles Post author

    Thanks again, James for your support and your wonderful comments! Things are good here at the moment, and i’m looking forward to getting more writing done now that things have settled down. Life now seems less stressful, but i know that now i’m published, i have to keep on pushing forward and delighting you all with fresh delights and horrors, lol, and i know that this feeling of things being less stressful won’t last long. Hahaha.
    Onwards and upwards, dear friend!


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