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White Rose of York

White Rose of York, rendered by Sodacan

…It was no surprise to my immediate family that my father passed away recently. He had been ill for some time and had deteriorated rapidly, and we had all reached the conclusion that this most recent stay in hospital would be his last. And it was. He went peacefully in his sleep, and it was a blessing that his suffering was finally over.

We were prepared for his passing, and my brother handled the funeral arrangements and all of the normal tasks that take up so much time and yet still need to be done, and as we are not religious, we chose to have a Humanist Celebrant perform the funeral service. The man we chose for the service was the wonderful Michael Vernon, who, with his background in theatre delivered the best celebration of a person’s life that I have ever witnessed. It was a true celebration, and nobody came dressed all in black. We all wore at least one brightly coloured item of clothing, and some of the ladies wore their best summer dresses, which my father would have appreciated! Certainly, there were a few tears, but for the most part, all in attendance had a good chuckle at the tales that Mike orated, guided by the small speeches that myself, my brother and my sister had prepared. The final piece of music played just as we were about to depart the crematorium saw every single person there beaming and laughing, just as my father would have wanted. It was the theme tune to “Rawhide”, sung by Frankie Laine! It was just wonderful!

Goodbye, Dad. We love you.

For details of what a Humanist funeral entails, please click here.

2 thoughts on “Anyway, as I was saying…

  1. Allen Watson

    Sorry to hear about your father. Glad you’re back though. I’ve been gone a while as well dealing with things, but wanted to check in to say hello and welcome back. Hope all goes smoother now for you.

    1. David EcclesDavid Eccles Post author

      Thank you, Allen! Yes, i’m good and ready to churn out more stories. My first book was published yesterday, and i’m really happy about it! I just blogged about it, though it is a day late, lol. Oh well. It couldn’t be helped, but normal service has been resumed! I had noticed you were missing, and i’m glad to see you’re back again too!


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