“Serial Killers Tres Tria” is out!

Front cover of Serial Killers Tres Tria

Front cover of Serial Killers Tres Tria

It’s been quite a wait, but Serial Killers Tres Tria is finally out in paperback, and my short story, Eyes is in there!

In total, there are 21 authors and artists featured, with a lot of the great names in horror fiction being represented. The book is volume 3 in the Serial Killers stable, brought to you by author, Editor and publisher James Ward Kirk, who has the ability, experience and the charm to attract all of the very best names to his books.

My good friend, author M.C. O’Neill picked up an Editor’s Award for his contribution Conduct Disorder, and I can’t wait for the mail to come and deliver it, so I can hold my very own copy in my hands!

If you’ve not read any of JWK’s anthologies, you simply must remedy that immediately! All of the books that James publishes are widely available, and he is open for submissions to a whole range of future titles, so head on over to his website at JWKfiction.com and grab yourself some fantastic reading matter, and if you’re up to the challenge, submit something of your own! And while you’re browsing James’s site, take a look and drool over the fantastic covers, designed by such names as William Cook and Sydney Leigh.

Buy your very own copy of Serial Killers Tres Tria from Amazon, now!

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