Review of “The Firebird”, by Bret Allen

The FirebirdThe Firebird by Bret Allen

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“The Firebird” is a publishing test and is also the first publication by an author who shows great storytelling ability.
It is a fable and a fairy tale rolled into one, and is a delight to read, taking me back to younger days when absolutely everybody read books, because that, apart from going to see a movie, watching TV or listening to the radio was a primary source of entertainment.
It is the story of Ekaterina, a girl who makes what she believes to be good choices, only to find out that her choices could not have been any worse.
Wishing to be thought of as being as good as or better than the men when it comes to being a hunter, she sets out to kill the firebird, a creature of legend, meeting a variety of characters along the way who persuade her to give up certain aspects of herself in order to enhance her hunting abilities.
A great read, told in a natural style that makes the reader want more from the author.
The good news is that Bret has a collection of stories that he is currently editing which will be ready for publication in the New Year, so look out for “Splinters of Truth” early in 2014.

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