Review of “Discoredia”, by J.C. Michael

DiscorediaDiscoredia by J.C. Michael

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Written in a style reminiscent of Stephen King/Peter Straub collaborative novels “The Talisman” and “Black House”, “Discoredia” is a book that gets the heart pumping, and the pace increases, transporting the reader to a night out at a top-notch rave.
The characters are well-developed and typical of the kind of people one would expect to see frequenting a rave.
Dodgy business practices; drug dealing; gut-wrenching violence; murder; heroes; people you would happily punch in the face all day if you met them; ancient supernatural forces; a mysterious serial killer, and so many unfortunate, innocent victims. “Discoredia” has it all.
All of the elements in the book combine wonderfully to create a delicious and very deadly cocktail that has a mind-altering effect on the reader, not unlike the mysterious Pandemonium pills central to the story, and the New Year’s Eve finale is deserving of a screen adaptation.

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