My Batman Tattoo Sleeve – A Work in Progress

I started my Batman sleeve on June 20th 2012, and at time of writing, i only need to add The Riddler for it to be complete. The composition itself is based on the graphic novel Hush, drawn by Jim Lee, and the tattooist is Brett “Fode” Foden of Stoke-on-Trent, England. I’m lucky enough to have worked with Brett in the past, and so i got my ink at a hugely reduced “mate’s rate”. There is around 24 hours of work been put into creating the sleeve up to now, and i look forward to having the rest of the work done in the near future.Batman_sleeve_1st_sitting581291_450165991669593_1778661476_nDSCN00105j8rDSCN0015642480605674000411673999940674005705688105194DSCN0067

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