My Books & Where To Buy Them

Darke Times and Other Stories (as author)

Kindle cover for "Darke Times and Other Stories"

 Kindle Edition: Amazon US

Kindle Edition: Amazon UK

NOOK Edition: Barnes & Noble

Smashwords Edition

Diesel (Epub)

Sony Reader Store (Epub)


Serial Killers Tres Tria (as a contributing author)

Serial Killers Tres Tria. Edited by James Ward Kirk and published by JWK

 Paperback Amazon US

Paperback Amazon UK


Sex, Drugs & Horror (as a contributing author)

The cover for the Sex, Drugs & Horror anthology, edited by James Ward Kirk

Paperback: Amazon US

Paperback: Amazon UK

2 thoughts on “My Books & Where To Buy Them

    1. David EcclesDavid Eccles Post author

      I think it takes a few weeks to start shipping to retailers. Once you get Premium status, you can check all of the retailers for shipping dates and loads of other things. I got Premium Catalog status, then altered my MS . I changed the licensing statement page, so now i’m back pending review again, lol. I’ll still check it anyway 🙂


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