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Versatile Blogger Award

Versatile Blogger Award

Another award, this time coming from Destiny Allison, a wonderful person, and an amazing sculptor and writer. Details of Destiny, and of the award the award and the rules for accepting it here.

ABC (Awesome Blog Content) Award

ABC Award

I love getting these awards! Most people might find them pointless, but i think they’re very endearing, and i appreciate being thought of by all who nominate me. You’ll find my nominations and the rules for accepting the award here. My thanks to Rosalind Smith-Nazilli for this award.

Divine Intervention In Easter Bunny’s Apocalypse chapter 19

The Creepy Line, by Alena Beljakova

Easter Army.
Photo by Alena Beljakova.

Tomorrow sees the end of what has been a wonderful experience for me as a writer. It has been a joy to work with every single one of the writers in the Apocalypse Collective, and we have become good friends and will continue to work together on future projects, one of which begins in May. Details of this new poject will remain under wraps for now, but it promises to be a much bigger undertaking, and we all hope that you will support us in the venture.

Today, though, we bring to you the penultimate chapter of Easter Bunny’s Apocalypse, written by the amazing M. C. O’Neill, whose writing style and subject knowledge suits these last 3 chapters down to the ground! You can read it at www.kseniaanske.com.

Author, M. C. O'Neill. Photograph by Indigo Moran.

Author, M. C. O’Neill.
Photograph by Indigo Moran.

What can i tell you of Mark? The man has done it all! The son of a JAG working with the US Army, he majored in Graphic Design and
minored in Art History and Biology at Indiana University before being accepted into the Painting program at the University of Cincinnati, soon becoming a Professor at the Art Academy of Cincinnati.

Realizing that a career in academia was not for him, he left to work in the corporate sector as a Prototype designer, where he made models for many companies the names of which you will be very familiar. After a stint in that line of work, he became a therapist at an addictions clinic, then gave that up to work from home inking and designing comic books, giving him the chance to work on some very famous publications. After that, as work in the comic book industry became harder to secure, he paid the bills doing freelance paralegal work, before finally deciding to realize his ambition as a writer.

His novel, The Ancients and the Angels: Celestials is book 1 of a series and is available in paperback and for Kindle, with the second book in the series, Archons due for release in April 2013.

Always in demand, Mark is a regular on shows such as the Vinny Eastwood Show and the Jeff Daugherty Show.

Mark can always be reached via his website, Twitter, Facebook and Goodreads, which, incidentally has just become an Amazon company.

Tomorrow, we feature Andrew Nielsen, the man who wraps it all up! Yes, he’s the author of Easter Bunny’s Apocalypse chapter 20, so please join us for the finale. And bring chocolate eggs, but only ones that have cleared inspection! We don’t want any exploding heads now, do we!

I’ve Been Nominated For My First Award!

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Following on from the online publication yesterday of my contribution to the collaborative flash fiction story, Easter Bunny’s Apocalypse (chapter 2, incidentally), this evening i received a fantastic comment from Emily Anne, blogger at unkilleddarlings informing me that she had nominated my blog for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Thank you very much, Emily Anne! It’s really heartening when fellow bloggers and fellow writers pop up and say hi, never mind nominate me for an award! I’m truly humbled!

Details on the award and the rules for displaying it here