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What does your writing “Batcave” look like, if you have one?

My creative "Batcave"

My creative “Batcave”

I often wonder just what a fellow writer’s place of work looks like, so i’ve taken the time to show you just what my little “Batcave” is like.

I have 3 machines, each doing different things at any one time: a laptop, an all-in-one and a netbook, and i use multiple external hard drives for those all-important backups that you should all be making to prevent a potential disaster!

As well as making complete backups, i suggest that you configure your word processor of choice to make incremental backups.

Note the essential caffeine supplies in the form of diet cola and coffee!

The rest of my bedroom need not concern you, unless you are a potential burglar! If you are, please make note of the fact that there is always a strung and ready Hoyt recurve bow with Easton arrows close to hand, and an array of other sharp implements. I do like my “tools”!

Have a nice day, you beautiful people!