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I wrote a story in honour of JRD


Time for celebration!

A few days ago, I had an idea burst free from my head and onto the virtual page. It was a short story in honour of James Roy Daley, an amazing author and the man behind BOOKSoftheDEADPRESS.

It featured mostly narration by a serial killer looking back on the first time he killed, and the circumstances surrounding it. It was nasty, graphic and featured very explicit sex and sexual swear words. I was very proud of it, and I sent it to JRD, who thought it was great. Incidentally, the story is entitled Doing it for JRD (Justice, Revenge and Deliverance).

Another friend of mine, author M.C. O’Neill read it too, thought it was awesome and suggested that I submit it to James Ward Kirk at http://jwkfiction.com/ to see if it would be accepted for his upcoming Serial Killers Tres Tria anthology. Following his advice, I submitted the story, taking care to read through all of the submission requirements, and then I left it at that, hoping that I might be lucky enough to be accepted, but quite content in the knowledge that even if it didn’t make the cut it wasn’t the end of the world, because there are thousands of places to submit to.

To cut a long story short: tonight I got a reply from James Ward Kirk who said he loved the story and that he wanted to use it in his Sex, Drugs & Horror anthology which is to be published during the first week of July. He actually said that if I preferred for it to feature instead in the Serial Killers Tres Tria anthology, he’d send over a different contract, but thinking about it now, there’s a lot of horror and a lot of sex in the story, and because it’s about a killer’s first kill, it would be more suited towards the Sex, Drugs & Horror anthology.

Needless to say, I’ve written a bio and the contract has been signed and returned to JWK by electronic carrier pigeon, so next month will see me as being a published author in at least one anthology, if not two, as i have another story coming out shortly in an anthology that has been written in collaboration with some of my friends and fellow writers from the Easter Bunny’s Apocalypse  collective.

Things are looking up for me, folks, and now i’ve got my foot on the first rung of the ladder there will be no stopping me!

Delegates From The Peeps King Deliver A Message In Easter Bunny’s Apocalypse chapter 11

Easter's troops in readiness

Easter’s troops in readiness

In today’s chapter of Easter Bunny’s Apocalypse, the Peeps King sends a delegation to deliver a message to Easter Bunny and his war council.

Chapter 11 is brought to you by the talented fingers of Sheila Hall, who normally writes in another genre entirely! 18+ readers only, but she shows her versatility in this piece, which you can read at www.kseniaanske.com.

I’m afraid i don’t have a photograph of Sheila, as she wishes to preserve her anonymity, being a writer of erotic fiction, and let me tell you, her material is steamy, so instead, i have included a pic from Sheila‘s blog to brighten up your day! Ladies included, of course! This pic is not just for the guys!

Sheila Hall blog pic

A photo representative of Sheila’s writing. This is NOT a photo of Sheila herself! I’m sure she’s far more beautiful!

Sheila is an up and coming author who writes the stories she longs to read herself.  She knows how to work hard and applies that same intensity in her “play” as well.  While erotica is her main passion, Sheila has been known to pen in several other genres and styles from fantasy to poetry.

Sheila is active on Twitter, she has a blog, and you can visit her website at www.TheDarkerHalf.com  which goes live in a little over 9 days time.

Tomorrow’s featured writer is Kai Kiriyama, author of Easter Bunny’s Apocalypse chapter 12.

Easter Bunny’s Apocalypse Latest News…Writer Membership Changes

Bunny Soldier. Photo by DaniSF.

Bunny Soldier.
Photo by DaniSF.

Owing to unforseen circumstances, 2 writers of the Easter Bunny’s Apocalypse collaborative flash fiction story have had to remove themselves from the project, thereby making way for fresh faces to showcase their talent. Their reasons for withdrawing are understandable, and it is hoped by all of the remaining writers that they will return to write with the Apocalypse Collective on future projects.

The two new writers who take the places of Danielle Tauscher and Corey Seeley are Barry NoVa and Catherine Scully. A revised running order is shown below.

The members of the writing team, in order of writing are:

1. Becky Flade; 2. David Eccles; 3. Brandon Yusuf Toropov; 4. Seth Werkheiser; 5. Andrew Hovenden; 6. Sandra Hould; 7. Doug Karlson; 8. Dustin McKenzie; 9. Michel Lee King; 10. Aliaa El-Nashar; 11. Sheila Hall; 12. Kai Kiriyama; 13. JLuis Licea; 14. Colleen M. Albert; 15. Rosalind Nazilli; 16. Lori Lesko; 17. Barry NoVa; 18. Catherine Scully; 19. M.C. Oneill; 20. Franza Dirnberger.

Unexpected Events In Easter Bunny’sApocalypse chapter 10

Easter eggs

There is a surprise or two in store for you all in today’s chapter of Easter Bunny’s Apocalypse. Beyond that, i’ll say no more. You’ll just have to go and read it over at Ksenia Anske’s website. Chapter 10 is brought to you by a fantastic young author, Aliaa El-Nashar.

Author , Aliaa El-Nashar

Author , Aliaa El-Nashar.
Photo by the author.

In her own words, Aliaa says of herself:

My name is Aliaa El- Nashar. I am a 20 year old Egyptian girl living in Cairo. I am currently majoring in Italian at university after having fallen in love with languages at such a young age. My life revolves around reading, writing and drawing. I occasionally collect postcards and teach Arabic to whoever would like to learn it. I own an adorable cat and share an apartment with my sister in the city. I am prone to rash and spontaneous decisions. I’ve just gotten published last year and hope to publish more work in the future. Oh, and I am in love with the Sphinx.

I am incapable of functioning without coffee, procrastination is a life philosophy I usually go by and for entertainment I just need a pencil and paper, whether to draw or write something. I also can’t stop reading. – NOT SURE ABOUT PARTICIPATING???

Aliaa is active on Twitter and Facebook and also has her own blog.

Tomorrow, we feature the author of Easter Bunny’s Apocalypse Chapter 11, the fantastic Sheila Hall.

By the Goddess! It’s Easter Bunny’s Apocalypse: Chapter 3


You’re in for a treat today, bunny-lovers, as you will find out later today when you read chapter 3 of the Easter Bunny’s Apocalypse, the wonderful collaborative flash fiction project brought to you by 20 authors and writers! Every day, a new chapter is released into the wild, with the final chapter, chapter 20 going live on Easter Sunday, March 31st.

Read it here on the website of writer and blogger, Ksenia Anske.

Chapter 3 is brought to you, the reader by an immensely talented man, Brandon Yusuf Toropov, and i have a little confession to make: I accidentally deleted the e-mails containing all of the writers’ bios, so i’m going to have to cheat and pilfer some text from around the web to tell you a little about him.

Brandon Yusuf Toropov

Author, Brandon Yusuf Toropov.
Photo by Brandon Yusuf Toropov.

Brandon is an American writer and a convert to Islam. He is the author of over a dozen published books, including religious guides Beyond Mere Christianity, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Koran and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to World Religions. Other books by him include Shakespeare For Beginners and The Olympics For Beginners.

Do a Google search for his name and you’ll see that he is active in all manner of things. The man is a dynamo, a great thinker, incredibly humorous, and a really nice guy!

Read his blog, follow him on Twitter, and on Google+ and add him as a friend on Goodreads.

But above all else – read his chapter of the Easter Bunny’s Apocalypse, because after you’ve read it, you’ll come to realise that rabbits are not the cute, cuddly bundles of fur that you thought they were!

Don't be fooled! - Inside this bundle of fur, there lies pure evil!

Don’t be fooled! – Inside this bundle of fur, there lies pure evil!

Salaam (Peace)

Salaam (Peace)

Tomorrow,  writer number 4, Seth Werkheiser will be featured, so please visit and find out a little about him before you read his chapter of the Easter Bunny’s Apocalypse at www.kseniaanske.com

And Now It’s My Turn!…Easter Bunny’s Apocalypse Update.

Photo by bellasofran

Photo by bellasofran

Yesterday saw the launch of the Easter Bunny’s Apocalypse flash fiction collaboration between 20 writers and authors, one of which is myself! You can read each chapter and follow the story every day at www.kseniaanske.com, the blog of the wonderfully talented writer, Ksenia Anske.

The marvellous opening chapter by Becky Flade gave me a firm foundation to build on. As soon as i read what Becky had written, i knew then exactly what i would write, which was great! There’s nothing worse than reading something and then agonising over what you hope will enhance the story and give greater credibility to what has been written before! I think we both must have had our military heads on that day!

Having read the first 10 chapters, i am just blown away with how each writer has slotted their chapter into the story. It’s getting darker, and it’s remarkably funny at the same time! Admittedly, there have been tiny editorial issues, which is always bound to happen, but these have been discussed and resolved by the writing team via the magic of the worldwide web, with the wonderful grammar babe Colleen M. Albert acting not only as a contributing writer (she is writer number 15), but also as editor!

You want to know a little about me? Okay, here goes:

Writer and blogger David Eccles, hard at work!

Writer and blogger David Eccles, hard at work!

Born the product of a union between an exiled wood nymph and a wild haggis hunter, i grew up in the waste paper basket of H.G. Wells, where i gorged myself on his literary cast-offs, reaching manhood in just a matter of a few weeks. A wonderful time was had, and i would wend my way through the darkened streets of the city, the mischevious grin on my bearded little face illuminated by the Victorian gaslamps as i sneaked inside every opium den i could find, whipping out my Sharpie to draw cocks on the foreheads of the unsuspecting and the unconscious!

I aspired to being a mountaineer, and reached the summit of Everest at age 2 months! It was all downhill after that! Until now!

All joking aside, i would love you all to both read and enjoy the whole of the saga that is the Easter Bunny’s Apocalypse, and to show your support to all 20 of its writers.

Tomorrow, chapter 3 will be available for you to read at www.kseniaanske.com, delivered to you by the wonderful literary talents of Brandon Yusuf Toropov, who will be featured here. Until then, why not check out his blog!

You can follow me on Twitter and also add me as a friend on Goodreads and Facebook.



Word is out! #bunnyapocalypse is catching on!

Photo manipulated by David Duke @dukehuge

The Easter Bunny Apocalypse flash fiction collaborative story begins begins tomorrow, and word is spreading!

A Twitter friend, David Duke @dukehuge sent me the above image to celebrate the impending rabbit revolution known as the #bunnyapocalypse.

David also has another Twitter account @horrorsquadWW, and following either of his accounts or clicking on the #HorrorsquadWW hashtag will put you in touch with other Tweeters who share an interest in all things horror-related.

There’s also a HorrorsquadWW website, where you can read the horror poetry that David tweets, and you can even buy a HorrorsquadWW coffee mug!

Ignore the #bunnyapocalypse and you might as well be digging your own grave!

Ignore the #bunnyapocalypse and you might as well be digging your own grave!

Easter Bunny’s Apocalypse…Update.

Writer and blogger, David Eccles.

Writer and blogger, David Eccles.

Friday 8th of March 2013 saw the beginning of a new flash fiction writing collaboration that will give birth to, nurture and raise to adult bunnyhood the phenomenon that will go down in literary history and be known as the Easter Bunny Apocalypse.

Previous flash fiction collaborations involved fewer writers: Ferrets had a team of 6 writers, and Bloody Santa vs. Zombie Siren had 10, but bigger, bolder and bloodier than its 2 older, smaller siblings, this, the 3rd collaboration by a team of 20 fantastic writers and also published authors makes its debut in episodic format on the website of talented writer Ksenia Anske, with the first chapter being made available to read on Tuesday 12th of March. Each writer has an allotted 500 words, but a discretionary total of up to 600 words is allowed, and they are given free rein to let their imagination go wild so that they can deliver to you, the reader, a truly epic tale.

Each day, a new chapter will be publshed, with the finale to the whole apocalyptic affair going live on Sunday 31st of March.

At time of writing, the first 4 chapters have been written and delivered to all members of the team. We get to read each chapter as soon as it is finished, and i must say, i have enjoyed reading every single one! Chapter 2, incidentally, was written by my good self!

The members of the writing team, in order of writing are:

1. Becky Flade; 2. David Eccles; 3. Brandon Yusuf Toropov; 4. Seth Werkheiser; 5. Andrew Hovenden; 6. Sandra Hould; 7. Doug Karlson; 8. Dustin McKenzie; 9. Michel Lee King; 10. Aliaa El-Nashar; 11. Sheila Hall; 12. Kai Kiriyama; 13. JLuis Licea; 14. Colleen M. Albert; 15. Rosalind Nazilli; 16. Lori Lesko; 17. Barry NoVa; 18. Catherine Scully; 19. M.C. Oneill; 20. Franza Dirnberger. 

In order to promote awareness, any mention of the project on Twitter will be accompanied by a #bunnyapocalypse hashtag, and a few, though not all of the writing team have replaced their normal Twitter avatar with one of themselves sporting a pair of bunny ears. So, if you see someone with bunny ears in your Twitter feed, there’s a very distinct possibility that it’s one of the writing team!

Flash Fiction Collaboration: Easter Bunny Apocalypse.

Photo by Limaceous

Photo by Limaceous

Call me insane if you like, but i have just volunteered my services to take part in a flash fiction collaboration that is the brainchild of Ksenia Anske, writer of YA urban fantasy Siren Suicides. I think i am correct in thinking that it was Ksenia’s fans who broached the subject, and she started the ball rolling from there, inviting other writers to participate in a project where a topic was chosen and a word limit was set. One writer would begin the story and then the other writers involved would follow on in turn, adding to the story until the final writer got to bring the story to a satisfying conclusion.

There have been 2 other flash fiction collaborations: Ferret (Ksenia’s original ferret story is available here) and BLOODY SANTA vs ZOMBIE SIREN.

The subject matter for this collaboration is Easter Bunny Apocalypse, and so far it appears that there will be a fantastic pool of writers willing to show what they can do, with 20 writers now taking part, some of who are published authors! Each writer will be asked to submit 500 words, with 600 being a ceiling limit, and i’m pretty sure that the project begins tomorrow – Friday 8th of March, with publishing beginning on Tuesday 12th March. Wish us all luck, whoever the final choice of participants are – We’ll need it!

And if you think that The Easter Bunny is all sweetness and smiles – THINK AGAIN!