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The Harsh Reality Of War In Easter Bunny’s Apocalypse chapter 13


Photo taken from the Japanese anime series, Cat Shit One.

Click the link to watch Cat Shit One (Japanese, with English subtitles).

Things are hotting up, as you will see in today’s episode, chapter 13 of Easter Bunny’s Apocalypse, brought to you by the great writing of JLuis Licea. You can read it at www.kseniaanske.com.

JLuis Licea

JLuis Licea

J. Luis is an aspiring writer who is currently working on an urban fantasy novel for young adults, The Empire’s Curse. He says that when he writes, his head expels out words and welcomes in new, bigger ideas. He loves the life of a writer and wishes he could have enough knowledge and resources to continue doing it, maybe, for the rest of his life.

He doesn’t just like writing. He also loves food, traveling, strange places, cookies, and chocolate. And everything else in this planet; he is a tree hugger. Loves, loves , loves nature!

I’m addicted to dark chocolate, but I’m afraid of the dark. I sometimes smile, I sometimes cry. But I always seem happy. Or maybe I’m just drunk. Don’t expect normal. I’m a writer. (Is that an excuse for my weirdness?)

JLuis is active on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Goodreads and just about everywhere else you can think of!

Tomorrow’s featured author is Colleen M. Albert, writer of Easter Bunny’s Apocalypse chapter 14.

Peter Gives Detailed Information In Easter Bunny’s Apocalypse chapter 12

Peter recollects the horror of his imprisonment

Peter recollects the horror of his imprisonment

Peter recounts his torture and imprisonment and gives details of the reason for the war against the humans in Easter Bunny’s Apocalypse chapter 12, written by the lovely and very talented Kai Kiriyama. You can read it at www.kseniaanske.com.

Kai Kiriyama

Author, Kai Kiriyama.
Photo by Kai Kiriyama.

Kai, a native of Canada, is the author of Blaze Tuesday and the Case of the Knight Surgeon, a mystery and suspense novel featuring Blaze Tuesday – a retired cop turned private eye, available here.

Kai mainly concentrates on writing novels, short stories and screenplays. “I don’t do poetry” she says. She is a monthly contributor to Zombie Training Magazine www.zombietraining.com and she writes about film, TV, and video games.

In her own words, Kai say of herself:

Kai Kiriyama is a time-traveling, demon-hunter most of the time and an over-caffeinated writer the rest of the time. She writes a little bit of everything and swears that there’s not enough hours in the day, even with time-travel! You can usually find her drinking coffee and sneaking comics when she’s supposed to be writing.

Kai has a blog, a Facebook author page, and she is also active on Twitter and Google+. She also has a Youtube channel.

Tomorrow, we feature the author of Easter Bunny’s Apocalypse chapter 13, JLuis Licea.