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A Great Day!

Read a new author! They'll thank you for it!

Read a new author! They’ll thank you for it!

Yesterday, i read a Tweet from the fantastic author, James Roy Daley, founder and owner of BOOKS of the DEAD PRESS, advertising the fact that they were open for submissions of pieces of flash fiction no more than 400 words in length.

Recognising the fact that unpublished writers like myself have only a very small reading audience and few fans, and that we write for nothing, he has taken the decision to showcase unknown writers who are of a decent standard, thereby giving them the benefit of increased readership, as his site has had over 1,000 visitors in the last 2 days alone! What a marvellous guy! It’s great for someone such as myself to find someone who sees how hard it can be to make a name for yourself, and for that person to stand up and say, “Hey. I’ll give you a helping hand.”

A good friend and co-writer of Easter Bunny’s Apocalypse, Sandra Hould had been successful in her submission, and was featured on BOOKS of the DEAD PRESS yesterday. You can read Sandra’s story, The “V” Syndrome Vaccine here. I edited her work before submission, and as soon as i found out that her piece had been accepted, i decided to write a piece of my own and try my luck.

The tale i wrote began as a conversation between my brother and i yesterday morning, about his having to cancel a dental appointment. Something that he said made me laugh and triggered my “story switch”, so i filed it away in memory to use in a story later that day. I played around with it, altering things here and there, and i could visualize it in my head as if i was watching a movie, and it may have only been 396 words in length, but it took me until this morning, working non-stop during the night to get it “right”. I din’t get to bed until around 5.30am!

I was happy with what i had written. James had asked for our best work, and i delivered just that, and now there was nothing to do but play the waiting game, with everything crossed! Earlier this afternoon, i received an e-mail from James Roy Daley, informing me that my submission had been succesful! Attached to the e-mail was a minimally edited copy of my story. James wanted to know if his edits were acceptable, and i was to let him know whether or not to go ahead and publish. The story is better for the small edits; of that i have no doubt. Any writer who thinks that his or her story will be published without being editing is delusional. I’ve a message for you: you’re not perfect!

Within minutes of my reply, my story was emblazoned on the screen of my laptop. It felt great to have a little recognition, no matter how small. And how James Roy Daley described my writing! He said i reminded him of…

To find out who i reminded him of, you’ll just have to go and read my story, The Teeth Police. Read it on BOOKS of the DEAD PRESS, or on my blog, here. Wherever you choose to read it, please feel free to drop by my blog and leave a comment. After all, it’s the surest way that writers like me know that we are being read and enjoyed!


The Peeps King’s Boffins Cook Up Trouble For the Cats in Easter Bunny’s Apocalypse chapter 6


Today’s chapter of Easter Bunny’s Apocalypse sees Easter Bunny enlisting the help of the Peeps King and his scientists to come up with a solution to his feral cat problems. Beyond that, i’m saying nothing. You’ll just have to read it, and you can do that here.

Chapter 6 is brought to you all by the wonderful Sandra Hould.

Sandra Hould

Sandra Hould, author of chapter 6.
Photo by Sandra Hould.

Sandra is Canadian, and a native of Quebec, so her primary language is French. She spends a lot of time apologising for the fact that English is not her first language, which i find is so amusing and completely unnecessary. Sandra, your English is far better than my French could ever be! Here’s what she has to say about herself:

I am crazy about writing, reading, steampunk and anything that takes my imagination. I am a stay at home mom and I constantly love to travel through stories I read. I am right now trying to write my first novel and so far, I absolutely love it! Oh, and I am French Canadian by the way, so I will do my best to write well. But expect many grammatical errors. Practice makes perfect!

Sandra is a delight to work with; her enthusiasm for her writing is admirable and inspirational. She has even shared a video of herself reading an excerpt from the novel that she is working on at the moment, A Witch’s Portal, and has recently created a page on Facebook specifically to showcase her new-found love for flash fiction, but you have to have an invite to be able to read it!

Sandra is active on Twitter, Google+, Facebook and on Goodreads.

Tomorrow’s featured writer will be Doug Karlson, author of Easter Bunny’s Apocalypse chapter 7.