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Guest post: The Next Day, by Sheila Hall

A short while ago, I wrote what is as yet my only piece of erotic fiction, and I had the good fortune to have that story featured on TheDarkerhalf.com, a marvellous website run by Sheila Hall and Christopher Liccardi. Sheila and Chris showcase fantastic short stories by some amazing writers, and I consider it an honor that they chose to feature my work.

Sheila and myself were talking recently, and I thought it would be great if I could reciprocate and have her write a piece of flash fiction for me. Although Sheila is normally known for her naughty, cheeky side, she writes beautiful poetry too. I originally said jokingly that she should write a piece of horror erotica, to which she replied, “Challenge accepted!”

Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you on that score, because the story you’re about to read is anything other than erotic! I guess we’ll all just have to wait a while longer for that little gem!

As this is the first time I have featured a story by another author on my blog, I wanted things to go sweetly, so I donned my Editor’s cap for this big occasion. I read far too many stories by guests on other peoples’ blogs where there are glaring errors in both grammar and spelling, and on the odd occasion I have known there to be words repeated, or even missing! I hope that Sheila approves of my slight oiling and tweaking to her wonderful story.

This tale is a short story of sudden and shocking realization, and it’s one I know you’ll enjoy.


The Next Day

by Sheila Hall

It still feels like the middle of the night, but I know it isn’t. Instead of the moon hanging low, I see rays of sunlight filtering through the leafy canopy overhead. The forest around me is teeming with life. Songbirds are sharing gossip, and various other animals are engaging in their morning routines. All these signs start to focus my thoughts on the really important questions: where the hell am I, and why am I here instead of in my bed?

The ground is wet and cold under my cheek. It’s natural, and yet it feels so wrong. I raise my head, and the pounding that accompanies that small movement shatters all thoughts of continuing that motion. Squinting, I become more aware of my surroundings, and the lack of modern conveniences that I would normally expect to see upon waking convinces me that wherever it is that I am, this is not my bedroom. I venture a guess that I’m in the woods bordering my home. I always loved the stark contrast between urban dwelling and ancient shelter. That’s why I chose to live here.

The longing for the familiar motivates me to get up to my knees. Stomach heaving, I lurch up and stagger over to the stream a few yards in front of me. The water should be clear and sparkling, but it isn’t. Instead it’s littered with flesh and bone; the remains of some animal another creature had consumed as prey. Rotting chunks not yet fully rendered down by acid float lazily away, carried along with all the other debris sharing the same journey downstream.

The copper taste of old pennies is in my mouth, making me gag, and I gulp greedily at the tainted water to try and rinse it away. It’s then that I notice the unusual discoloration staining my skin. Looking down I see that my clothing is tainted by the red and brown hues of drying blood spatter and mud. Grabbing at myself, I look for the cuts on my skin that would account for the amount of blood I see. Please, let the blood be mine. Yet no matter how hard I look the jagged tears in my flesh I expect to see are nowhere to be found. I have no apparent injuries.

Not again. Dear God, no. Not again.


 The little stream flows on, uncaring. Its waters wash over the small, huddled form that is half immersed, dry heaving and tearing at its own skin. Blood, bile, and sanity travel onward towards the sea.


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Delegates From The Peeps King Deliver A Message In Easter Bunny’s Apocalypse chapter 11

Easter's troops in readiness

Easter’s troops in readiness

In today’s chapter of Easter Bunny’s Apocalypse, the Peeps King sends a delegation to deliver a message to Easter Bunny and his war council.

Chapter 11 is brought to you by the talented fingers of Sheila Hall, who normally writes in another genre entirely! 18+ readers only, but she shows her versatility in this piece, which you can read at www.kseniaanske.com.

I’m afraid i don’t have a photograph of Sheila, as she wishes to preserve her anonymity, being a writer of erotic fiction, and let me tell you, her material is steamy, so instead, i have included a pic from Sheila‘s blog to brighten up your day! Ladies included, of course! This pic is not just for the guys!

Sheila Hall blog pic

A photo representative of Sheila’s writing. This is NOT a photo of Sheila herself! I’m sure she’s far more beautiful!

Sheila is an up and coming author who writes the stories she longs to read herself.  She knows how to work hard and applies that same intensity in her “play” as well.  While erotica is her main passion, Sheila has been known to pen in several other genres and styles from fantasy to poetry.

Sheila is active on Twitter, she has a blog, and you can visit her website at www.TheDarkerHalf.com  which goes live in a little over 9 days time.

Tomorrow’s featured writer is Kai Kiriyama, author of Easter Bunny’s Apocalypse chapter 12.

Unexpected Events In Easter Bunny’sApocalypse chapter 10

Easter eggs

There is a surprise or two in store for you all in today’s chapter of Easter Bunny’s Apocalypse. Beyond that, i’ll say no more. You’ll just have to go and read it over at Ksenia Anske’s website. Chapter 10 is brought to you by a fantastic young author, Aliaa El-Nashar.

Author , Aliaa El-Nashar

Author , Aliaa El-Nashar.
Photo by the author.

In her own words, Aliaa says of herself:

My name is Aliaa El- Nashar. I am a 20 year old Egyptian girl living in Cairo. I am currently majoring in Italian at university after having fallen in love with languages at such a young age. My life revolves around reading, writing and drawing. I occasionally collect postcards and teach Arabic to whoever would like to learn it. I own an adorable cat and share an apartment with my sister in the city. I am prone to rash and spontaneous decisions. I’ve just gotten published last year and hope to publish more work in the future. Oh, and I am in love with the Sphinx.

I am incapable of functioning without coffee, procrastination is a life philosophy I usually go by and for entertainment I just need a pencil and paper, whether to draw or write something. I also can’t stop reading. – NOT SURE ABOUT PARTICIPATING???

Aliaa is active on Twitter and Facebook and also has her own blog.

Tomorrow, we feature the author of Easter Bunny’s Apocalypse Chapter 11, the fantastic Sheila Hall.