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These Things Are Sent To Try Us.

Glowing WordPress Logo

Glowing WordPress Logo

I moved away from WordPress.com yesterday. I took the brave step of buying my own domain name and having my website hosted elsewhere, though i am running the WordPress engine server-side, because it is a wonderful tool for creating and maintaiining your own website.

There is so much to play about with on WordPress.com, and when you leave and move to a self-hosted WordPress installation, you are suddenly hit by the fact that a lot of those great tools, themes and widgets are not there for you to use any more.

Plus you’re under an obligation to learn a lot about WordPress itself in a very short space of time, just to get your new website up and running!

I didn’t even know that you in fact installed WordPress on your webspace, not on your computer! I was baffled because i couldn’t see a setup.exe file anywhere! Time to get one’s hands dirty and fire up the web browser, do a LOT of searching, and a hell of a lot of reading!

The website of the company who hosts my site and who i bought my domain name from have an extremely difficult website to navigate, and i did nothing for an hour after i had handed my money over but fret and scour the site for information on how to get started. Needless to say, within a couple of hours i was getting quite conversant with WordPress and the Control Panel software of my site host.

Once i had exported my old site from WordPress.com as an .xml file and then imported it into WordPress on my new domain, i was back up and running, though with very much reduced functionality. It has taken me a full 24 hours to get it to more or less how i want it, with all of the tools and widgets i need, and a few more besides! It’s not 100%, but it isn’t far off!

And i have my own mail server and redirect now, too! It’s so easy setting it up, and knowing that anyone who mails me at david{AT} davidecclesauthor{DOT}co{DOT}uk will ultimately reach me at my Gmail address is just brilliant! The Control Panel software supplied by my hosting company is just a dream to work with! It’s been a ball-ache, but well worth it, because all of the work i’ve had to do has given me a much deeper understanding of how WordPress works.

As for php, MySQL, and all the rest of the magical stuff one can get to grips with – i’ll cross that bridge when i come to it!